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    Chapter 2021 – Gu Ning Fell down the Cliff remarkable accept

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    Consequently, Shu Lihua only mailed Jing Yunyao a note, sharing with her how the cancer tissues possessed minimized in her own body. She also thanked her and Gu Ning for assisting her.

    Discovering Gu Ning pursuing it, the snowfall lotus ran absent at the same time.

    In an instant, Gu Ning’s eyes illuminated up. Without having hesitation, she chased the snowfall lotus. It might be best if she could hook it now.

    It could be high-quality if there have been 2 supporting things during the ravine, but there is no promoting level in the middle whatsoever. If she directly jumped over, she might fall down the great abyss.

    On the first day of farming, Gu Ning reached the optimum of Base Period, but couldn’t go additional afterwards however hard she experimented with.

    Gu Ning was cultivating too, but she couldn’t achieve it for a long period simply because she was only a novice. She came across complications after a small whilst, so she well rested occasionally throughout farming.

    Before long, Gu Ning declined inside the sea of flowers that has a loud growth.

    Gu Ning was developing also, but she couldn’t practice it for many years due to the fact she was only a novice. She encountered problems after a short although, so she rested once in a while during cultivation.

    “No!” Gu Ning exclaimed in worry. She didn’t plan to be so unlucky to tumble downwards such as that. She didn’t know how heavy this abyss was or whether she would die following slipping.

    This was not the first time that Gu Ning experienced flown inside the atmosphere, but she still appreciated it completely. It may be more fun if she could fly on her possess. For that reason, she simply had to work much harder on cultivation simply because she can travel after achieving a definite stage.

    Simply because the place where Gu Ning decreased from your cliff became a very little not even close to the hill in the back of the Kunlun Sect, Shangguan Yang from the tower didn’t pick up Gu Ning’s scream. He didn’t be aware that Gu Ning is at problems.

    The joining health practitioner understood their emotions and thoughts perfectly, so he didn’t assume it had been inappropriate and the man truly was very jealous of the fascination with the other.

    Through these 2 time, Jing Yunyao hadn’t made it one stage further but, mainly because it was not easy.

    Thus, Shu Lihua only sent Jing Yunyao a message, showing her how the cancers tissues possessed reduced in their own entire body. She also thanked her and Gu Ning for aiding her.

    Soon after Gu Ning fainted, the wonderful ability that guarded her naturally disappeared. Then a snow lotus out of the blue appeared beside Gu Ning, circled her, and jumped onto her pectoral.

    Immediately after Gu Ning fainted, the magical energy that safeguarded her naturally faded. Next the snowfall lotus instantly came out close to Gu Ning, circled her, and jumped onto her torso.

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    The flood dragon was not by her side at the moment, so she didn’t recognize how to overcome the ravine that had been about 10 meters throughout.

    Panic Button

    Most cultivators made a small growth just after developing for over 1 / 2 annually, nonetheless they possessed turn into very proficient throughout 1 / 2 12 months.

    Given that she couldn’t complete to Jing Yunyao, Shu Lihua ended dialing her. She imagined Jing Yunyao may have removed into a put without the need of indicators. In the end, people were in the isolated put and plenty of thinly inhabited portions of it weren’t protected by signs.

    Right after Shangguan Yang got Gu Ning around the cliff, he flew back and Gu Ning eventually left, going for walks forward haphazardly.

    Simply because Gu Ning was secured by wonderful electrical power, it exerted excellent strength about the nearby points when she dropped downwards. As a result, each of the blossoms using a radius of 3 m had been smashed, then a major gap in the earth. Gu Ning now lay down in the major pit.

    “Grandpa Shangguan, I seem like possessing a go walking all around.” Due to the fact Gu Ning couldn’t make anymore advancement at this time, she noticed bored to death and planned to go have a very wander out of doors.

    Immediately, Gu Ning’s eyeballs lighted up. With no doubt, she chased the snow lotus. It would be finest if she could catch it currently.

    It becomes okay if there have been 2 encouraging issues in the center of the ravine, but there were no assisting issue in between in anyway. If she directly jumped through, she might fall along the large abyss.

    Hence, Shu Lihua only mailed Jing Yunyao information, sharing with her that this cancers tissue experienced lessened in her body system. She also thanked her and Gu Ning for aiding her.

    The time Shangguan Yang established the entranceway, he dismissed Gu Ning and focused on consuming some fruits. Gu Ning was amused. “Grandpa Shangguan, do you reckon I will travel around that?”

    Throughout these 2 times, Jing Yunyao hadn’t managed to make it to a higher level however, mainly because it was not uncomplicated.

    Just after days or weeks, Gu Ning grew to be much more nimble and the extended distance between her and also the snowfall lotus was very much smaller than before as well. However, she couldn’t travel approximately, so she could only see the snowfall lotus bouncing over the cliff and may do nothing regarding this.

    Soon after abandoning a medical facility, Shu Lihua immediately named Jing Yunyao, but Jing Yunyao is at cultivation presently, so she did not get through to her.

    The Kunlun Sect’s place in the daytime was encompassed by clouds and mist, and yes it was just like a fairyland.

    “No!” Gu Ning exclaimed in concern. She didn’t expect to be so unfortunate to slip straight down like this. She didn’t fully grasp how profound this abyss was or whether she would kick the bucket after going down.

    Immediately after Gu Ning fainted, the awesome electrical power that shielded her naturally faded. Then this snow lotus all of a sudden made an appearance adjacent to Gu Ning, circled her, and jumped onto her chest muscles.

    This wasn’t to begin with that Gu Ning possessed flown within the heavens, but she still appreciated it a lot. It will be more enjoyable if she could take flight in her very own. Consequently, she were forced to continue to work harder on cultivation because she could fly following hitting a specific stage.

    On the first day of farming, Gu Ning hit the maximum of Basis Point, but couldn’t go additionally afterwards regardless of how challenging she attempted.

    Whatever, the only thing she could do now ended up being to release sturdy wonderful ability to protect themselves. She hoped to save lots of her everyday life by doing so.

    However she had awesome electricity to protect herself, she was not confident whether or not this was extremely helpful. She hadn’t done that prior to in fact. She could only desire it absolutely was useful.

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