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    Amazingfiction 圣骑士的传说 – Chapter 1582 – The two Whites meet spectacular desk to you-p3

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    Puss Junior and Robinson Crusoe

    Chapter 1582 – The two Whites meet material detect

    “Song Shuhang, you happen to be gone rabbit,” White Two said while he gritted his teeth—the nickname Bright white Two were made available to him by Music Shuhang.

    Senior citizen Whitened Two reported, “I also assume that the time had come we satisfied.”

    “…” Music Shuhang.

    Piece of music Shuhang explained, “These people are Celestials, a competition in the ‘Celestial Realm’. They also have the pastime of removing the glowing cores of 5th Stage cultivators and the monster cores of beast cultivators. The QR rule in their heads cannot be scanned, evidently it is used for predicting points.”

    Exactly the same fine encounter, the exact same back again-longer hair, exactly the same otherworldly personality.

    The heart stones that Elderly Bright obtained lent Track Shuhang in the past acquired all been on the Eighth and Ninth Period.


    There had been no keeping Shuhang—he obtained already eliminated angry in this regard. His talent from the saber direction was clearly amazing, why then not pay attention to practising with all the saber? Why still take into consideration exercising with the sword?

    This was the very first time the two Elderly Whites experienced achieved deal with-to-face properly.

    The soul rocks that Senior White colored had lent Song Shuhang in the past experienced all been for the Eighth and Ninth Period.

    Elderly Bright white cheerfully mentioned, “That’s a personal interest of my own. Whenever I go excavating, I locate a great number of treasures we never have sufficient s.p.a.ce to keep them. Because of this, needless to say I might distribute a few of them towards the other daoists that happen to be with me, in that way anyone can have fun together with each other. Also, I’m quite self-mindful. Whenever other daoists research treasures with me, they all… how can i say this… they all suffer hards.h.i.+ps. The fellow daoists from the group respect trying to find treasures with me as ‘seeking money amidst danger’. With that being said, you do not should learn from my personal activity.”

    “Anyway, you can easily acquire your spoils by yourself. I never demand nearly anything. Hmm… but check out to save some spirit stones. Naturally, you will still need to pay us a spatial magical treasure’s amount of significant-class spirit stones.” Older person White lightly patted Song Shuhang.

    Therefore, Music Shuhang felt he should likewise divide the incentives with Senior White colored.

    Regardless, Song Shuhang’s awareness inserted the interior Community, in which he then dispatched his awareness into the concept of the black lotus via the channel relating to the two worlds.

    Music Shuhang claimed, “These folks are Celestials, a competition out of the ‘Celestial Realm’. They offer the activity of removing the great cores of 5th Level cultivators as well as beast cores of monster cultivators. The QR program code on their own heads cannot be scanned, it seems that it is intended for projecting points.”

    The Cruise of the Betsey

    “Oh, it is this season all over again?” Elderly White nodded—he was not very keen on the situations with the Cultivator Alliance, as well as prizes of each and every occurrence ended up not quite as exciting being the treasures he could drill down up casually. He possessed became a member of in a few of the situations several times at first, but he would dominate this list year after year, triggering him to experience slightly embarra.s.sed about partic.i.p.ating included once again.

    Older Bright white lightly said, “I partic.i.p.ated a couple of times in the beginning… however it believed dull, then i chose to give method to other fellow daoists.”

    In the past, Mature White colored Two got also agreed to fulfill Older Whitened. It was actually back when he lent the ‘small-black color-space-breaking up throw-away piloting sword model 001’ which he agreed to the conference.

    Following applying away this device, Senior citizen Whitened mentioned, “Shuhang, there is yet another thing. Could you get hold of that Bright coming from the Netherworld Kingdom for me? I wish to see him.”


    The heart rocks that Senior White colored acquired lent Music Shuhang in the past possessed all been for the Eighth and Ninth Point.

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    The 2 Older Whites looked over each other from the oxygen.

    That was to begin with which the two Senior citizen Whites had satisfied face-to-face appropriately.

    “…” Song Shuhang.

    Song Shuhang didn’t know considerably about mindset stones in the past, these days, soon after his durability acquired greater, he acquired a lot better comprehension in the event it stumbled on good sense on the globe of cultivation. Now, he experienced a relatively accomplish concept of the Eighth and Ninth Level nature gemstones in that spatial awesome jewel.

    Mature White expected, “By the way, is the fact mystical energy leading-up system below?”

    Piece of music Shuhang responded, “The most important world’s Elderly Whitened really wants to see you.”

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    Soon after applying away this device, Mature Bright mentioned, “Shuhang, there is yet another thing. Will you get hold of that White from the Netherworld World personally? I would like to see him.”

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    No reaction.

    Mature White-colored Two said, “Alright, make him see your Intrinsic Environment, and to the world of the black lotus.”

    Mature White mentioned, “Eh? I thought it was a QR code, however it turns out it is not.”

    Mature White colored cheerfully explained, “That’s just a unique activity of mine. Every time I go digging, I obtain numerous treasures that we do not have enough s.p.a.ce to store them. As a result, not surprisingly I would personally distribute some of them on the other daoists who definitely are with me, like that everyone can have a good time with each other. Also, I am quite personal-conscious. Each time fellow daoists hunt treasures with me, they all… how could i say this… each will undergo hards.h.i.+ps. The other daoists on the class view seeking treasures with me as ‘seeking prosperity amidst danger’. With that being said, you never need to learn from my own activity.”

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